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Short-term showroom spots in Scandinavia

Share and rent space down to 1m2 – spots.
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Photo: Trine Jul Dreisig
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Co-sharing, Co-branding and Co-creation

Flexible showrooms to showcase your space or your brand in a new way

Photo: Pia Vestergård Simms

Get noticed

While getting an extra income or a showroom at a new budget. It can be done by sharing down to 1m2.
Photo: Trine Jul Dreisig

Stay relevant

Get new products & experiences in your space. Find new inspiring contexts and locations.
Photo: Trine Jul Dreisig

Showrooms made easy

Even the tiniest space can create value. We handle payment and paperwork.


Discover spots down to 1m2 and explore new types of showrooms.

8 m2
Windows of Matrikel1 Bar & Café
From 67 DKK/day
København K
30 m2
The Orangery in Villa Kultur (creatives only)
From 3400 DKK/day
København Ø
6 m2
Cozy shop in the old Latin Quarter in Aarhus
From 27 DKK/day
Aarhus C
180 m2
Large Contemporary Studio
From 4025 DKK/day
Aarhus C
14 m2
Gallery wall
From 179 DKK/day
København V
Entire space
85 m2
Pop-up spot with many opportunities
From 1530 DKK/day
København K
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Photo: Pia Vestergård Simms


Curate new experiences, products, design or art to your space while getting paid

  • List one or more spots for free. Share an entire space or part of one
  • Explore co-branding while expanding your audience
  • Get new stories to tell while getting extra income
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Illustration: Emma Emilie Christensen
Illustration: Emma Emilie Christensen

Brands & Creatives

A flexible showroom to meet your audience at interesting locations

  • Showrooms down to 1m2 for one day
  • Pop up in an existing context with established foot traffic or let your ideas unfold in a blank space
  • Test your ideas, concepts or a new market at budget
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

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We are on a mission to democratize the access to showroom space while making the city more inclusive and sustainable.


Existing square meters can be used differently, and at the same time, create new experiences for everyone in the urban space.


We want to aspire co-sharing, co-branding and co-creation. We also co-operate to generate opportunities for hosts, brands and creatives.


Spotly has been founded on the principles of sharing economy. We unite people, products and experiences without the need for additional square meters.


We provide a unique platform and service, where both large and small, can find showroom spots that matches their needs and budget.

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Photo: Pia Vestergård Simms

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