Hello space.
Meet opportunity.

We're on a mission to unlock physical space to a wider use and audience.

Selected spots

  • What’s a spot?

    A spot can be a shelf, window, rack, ceiling, corner, some floor space, anything really.

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    What’s a spot?

    A spot is limited physical space that can be used for commercial activity. Think of it as a frame. It can be anything really; a shelf, window, rack, ceiling, corner, some floor space, your space when it’s empty? An entire space or just part of one, you decide. We work with spots down to 1m2 and a max rental period of 3 months.

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  • Share a spot.

    Your spot could be a fortune to others. Even the tiniest space.

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    Share a spot.

    What story is your spot going to tell? Share your street window or your entire spot inside or outside normal hours. Products, events or people? A monthly micro pop up on your shelf where you assist on sales? You decide what, who, when, how much and what facilities to offer. Opening up is a great co-branding opportunity bringing down costs whilst ensuring novelty. We’re here to advice!

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  • Rent a spot.

    Pop up when and where you need it. Get value and exposure.

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    Rent a spot.

    Where do you want to be spotted? Pop up when and where you need it to meet your audience in real life at lower cost and commitment. In an established space, alone or together with others. Maybe you are a webshop that only need a table spot for a month to tell your story? Look at it as your own sales channel or expansion. A real alternative to having your own space- because maybe you don’t need that. Spin ideas with us!

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  • It matters.

    By using excess capacity in spaces we help connect people, products and services.

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    It matters.

    By using excess capacity in spots, even the smallest ones, or the ones we take for granted, we help connecting more people, products and services. Commerce opportunities at the win of both hosts and pop upper’s can arise and exclusive experiences can be created. Online or offline based, we believe that everyone should benefit from having great locations at lower costs.

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