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Let's share space – better

Spotly is a platform to book short-term showroom space. Spots. Book & share a wall, a window or an entire space for a day or more.
Photo: Rune Svenningsen

Our vision

Our dream is to empower and inspire communities economically & creatively by allowing brands, creatives, as well as space owners the opportunity to explore the showroom of tomorrow.

Photo: Rune Svenningsen

We are on a mission to democratize the access to showroom space while making the city more inclusive and sustainable.


Existing square meters can be used differently, and at the same time, create new experiences for everyone in the urban space.


We want to aspire co-sharing, co-branding and co-creation. We also co-operate to generate opportunities for hosts, brands and creatives.


Spotly has been founded on the principles of sharing economy. We unite people, products and experiences without the need for additional square meters.


We provide a unique platform and service, where both large and small, can find showroom spots that matches their needs and budget.

"Spotly's concept and platform, enables better use of the city's retail premises and allows for a more flexible use of urban space. At the same time,  landlords, brands & creatives, can enjoy the benefits of better conditions"

- Claus Bech, CEO City union of Aarhus, Strategic Partner

Interested in co-creation or collaborating with us?

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Photo: Trine Jul Dreisig

Our team

We're a small team working with many partners across the real estate, retail, and creative industries. We're based in Copenhagen & Oslo.

Martine Moflag

CEO + Hosting Relations / Founder
I have always been intrigued by changing atmospheres in the citys existing premises. Background in real estate and a MSc. in International business. Get in touch if you have an interesting space to share.
+47 94872191 /

Aya Fabricius

CCO + Creative Relations
We need new formats for creative development and brand positioning. BSc. in Philosophy, MSc. in Visual Culture and a degree in advertising. Get in touch if you're looking for unique spots.

Jesper Jul Dreisig

Design Lead / Co-founder
Spreading the Spotly story through design, frontend development and UX. Digital designer with a track-record in the creative industry.

Jens Ahlsten Herlevsen

Tech Lead / Co-founder
Autodidact software engineer with a computer science degree. My interests within the digital world are mostly centred around web development, both frontend and backend.

Katrine Wolff Kragerup

Spot Scout / Copenhagen
A degree in Performance Design and background in Marketing. I’m curious to explore the showroom of tomorrow to co-create & co-brand across hosts & urban creatives.

Emil Parnel

Spot Scout / Copenhagen
Marketing Management student and inner heart Copenhagen dweller. I´m ready to spark our hosts to unleash the creative potential of their spaces in just a few square meters.

Oskar Rosell Klitholm

Spot Scout / Aarhus
Business student and bar professional. Culture is the glue in all bars, restaurants and cafés. I´m ready to help them frame up square meters as an opportunity to unfold culture in new ways.

Want to join our mission?

We're always on the lookout for creative peeps to join various projects in Scandinavia as freelancers. Interested in collaboration opportunities? Send us an e-mail at

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Unlocking the long tail of retail space

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