Overlooked space, unused square meters and a definition of spots

Have you ever wondered, if there’s is enough space available in the world? And have you ever wondered, if all the best ideas in life gets a chance to prosper? Well, in Spotly we thought about both those things. Unused smaller space we normally take for granted could be of great value to others. Especially in prime locations.

Vacancy in the traditional market for retail space in Copenhagen city center is reported at a low 7,2 % [1]. Meaning small chances of getting a place on your own where you want to be spotted.

Most products and ideas start small and may not need a lot of space to begin with. Or maybe they only need it sometimes. Meanwhile, retail spaces and other places people meet like galleries or cafes might have some extra room they don’t use. These are the square meters that don’t show up in any statistics but could solve the need of many. We call them spots.

A spot is limited physical space that can be used for commercial activity. Think of it as a frame to meet an audience where people or products pop up. We work with spots down to 1m2.

A spot can be anything really; a shelf, window, rack, ceiling, corner, some floor space or a space when it’s empty. An entire space or just part of one, we leave it up to our users to decide.

A6D7EB20-F95F-4D5E-A583-BFBBDCB66FC4.JPG Maybe a 1,5 m2 shelf at a right location is what you need to get seen?

A spot could solve the space need for testing out new concepts, meeting your audience to receive some feedback, get an additional sales channel, showrooming or just be spotted to create awareness about yourself. Renting a spot can be an alternative to having your own space at a fraction of the price with less commitment.

We split spots and how they are used into two distinctive categories

Small spots

Partial space that can be used mostly inside usual opening hours, like a wall in a cafe or shelf in an established boutique.

image1 (3).jpeg Shelf spot in an established concept store in inner Copenhagen

Entire spot

A whole space that can be used fully when it is vacant or empty. For instance an event space during daytime or a gallery for a product launch.

EADA2D4E-32FB-4A1D-98BC-6717F518D117.JPG An event space at a prime location in Copenhagen that also hosts product launches and pop up vernissages

Through our services and platform you can rent a spot for maximum 3 months. In other words short-term leases. Why? To facilitate that spots are shared more often, at the same time providing opportunity for more companies, creatives and artists to get the benefits of a certain location.

Because location still matters, maybe even more than ever in the light of sales shifting online. We believe that square meters in prime locations should be curated consciously. Making even the tiniest space accessible for those who can’t afford or don’t need a space on their own could be advantageous for both parties.

Spot sharing could enable the small business to test out a concept with less risk, while the spot holder preserves the ability to stay at a location (and the investment already made in the place) through an additional income plus customer stream.

Let’s think different about how we use square meters.

Even the tiniest space matters.

[1] Det danske ejendomsmarked 2017, Newsec, report

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