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Showcase yourself in new flexible showrooms in shops, restaurants or empty spaces. Rent spots down to 1m2 down to 1 day. It’s co-sharing & co-branding.
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Photo: Pia Vestergård Simms
  • Discover spot opportunities

    Find spots down to 1m2 listed by hosts or curated by Spotly.
  • Bring new life to your brand or creation

    Meet your audience where they are & explore new formats to showcase you.
  • Easy access to new showrooms

    Enjoy the benefits of a unique context at a lower budget. We handle the contracts and payment.

A shop window to showcase your brand? A fashion show at a restaurant? We invite you to rethink the traditional showroom.

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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

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Join Spotly for free, get access to booking and explore new formats in the urban showroom with like-minded people.

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Photo: Pia Vestergård Simms

Space for different needs

Small spots

In established concepts like stores or cafés with opening hours and staff


Show yourself in a restaurant, a gallery or other interesting contexts

Entire space

A blank canvas to show your works for a weekend or longer
Photo: Rune Svenningsen

"Spotly brings culture to the urban space. They have given me the opportunity to showcase my art in a new format, alongside other professional artists and designers"

- Anita Buaket, artist

A new frame to showcase your brand in unique spaces across Scandinavia

  • Find spots down to 1m2 – a window, a shelf, a showroom for the weekend or an entire empty space
  • Pop up in an existing context and enjoy the benefits of co-branding
  • Test your ideas, concepts or a new market at a lower budget
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Illustration: Emma Emilie Christensen

Need to book multiple spots for a campaign? Or a unique spot?

Through our Spotly Curated services we can help with the creative development of your next showroom affair.
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

"We believe new flexible showroom formats can boost an idea into action. Better use of space empowers creativity and lets more people enjoy important creations"

- Aya Fabricius, CCO & Creative relations, Spotly

Do you have questions or want to know more about spot opportunities for brands & creatives?

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