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Need a tailored solution?

We curate content to showcase your space or find the best space to showcase you. Spotly Curated is bespoke co-sharing, co-branding and co-creation.
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen
  • Get noticed

    With flexible showrooms or content. Use temporary contracts to experiment with new formats.
  • Stay relevant

    With new stories and experiences in your space(s). Get inspiring contexts and locations for your brand.
  • We help you

    To curate the right concepts and brands & creatives to your space(s) or to curate spots for your brand.

Have space

For real estate owners, developers, administrators, retail chains & hotels

Get noticed, stay relevant and attract long-term tenants or new target groups through temporary showrooms. We can help you with:

  • Listing and administrating your spaces and spots
  • Creative development of temporary concepts
  • Create engaging co-labs with brands & creatives
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

Want space

For larger brands, retail chains & creative bureaus

Get noticed, stay or become relevant with temporary showrooms and inspiring contexts. We can help you with:

  • Finding spaces and spots in desired locations/contexts
  • Creative development of temporary concepts for brands
  • Creating engaging co-labs with likeminded, creatives and space owners
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

"Too often you see an empty store being taken over by a stock sale or another less exciting initiative. With our co-lab HUSLY_, the idea was to unite good forces to create a different experience in empty units with artists, designers and different brands"

- Claus Bech, CEO City union of Aarhus, Strategic Partner

Spotly Curated concepts

Photo: Rune Svenningsen


Our exhibition concept, where we explore the new Urban Showroom. Be it an exhibition in shop windows, in a department store or performances in the local supermarket.
If you want to give shelther to Art & Design, get in touch at to discuss opportunities for your space or brand.
Photo: Trine Jul Dreisig

Temporary showroom

Become a hyped destination with our concept for Shopping Centres or empty retail units. Rotations with local brands and art & design creates buzz, highlights your space and attracts new customers.
Get in touch at to learn more about the opportunities for your space or brand.

Interested in strategic partnerships or co-labs?

We work with city developers, municiplaity offices, creative communities & other institutions on a strategic level. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you see us helping you or your organization moving forward.

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Photo: Trine Jul Dreisig

Co-sharing, Co-branding and Co-creation

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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

"The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many of the trends in real estate, retail and advertising. We need new frames to develop the future showroom and to create events for a new normality that enables us to stay relevant"

- Martine Moflag, Spotly Founder

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