The most common questions

  • What is a spot?

    A spot is limited physical space that can be used for commercial activity. Meaning no residential space. It can be anything really; a shelf, window, rack, ceiling, corner, some floor space, your space when it’s empty? An entire space or just part of one, you decide. We work with spots down to 1m2 and a max rental period of 3 months.

  • What is a space?

    A space is an entire physical location that can be used for commercial activity. A boutique, a gallery, a cafe, an office- anything really. In our world a space can consist of several spots, meaning within your space you can share several listings.

  • How does it work?

    With our services and platform you can either list, discover or book spots. You can discover spots that are available in the spot section. If you would like to list or book a spot you can contact us on or +45 31 70 50 33.

  • What is a pop up?

    A temporary physical presence that appear suddenly with clear start and ending dates and a maximum duration of 3 months. Could be a shop, a product display, showroom, an event, yourself or your colleagues- anything really.

  • What is a micro pop up?

    A pop up consuming less than 5m2 space. Not only is it space- conscious, but a great way to be present on budget. We do recommend to do micro pop up’s inside an already established space.

  • Share spot - how do I list my space and spots?

    You get in touch with us! We’ll send you a list of information we need to do the listing. You will receive your Spotly starter kit so you can easily mark your spot and get started. You decide the price, which spot, who you would like to share it with and how often- we’ll guide you. You frame the rental period; by the day, weekly or monthly (max 3 months).

  • Share spot - you need to get consent from landlord

    Yeah, it might sound a bit tricky but it’s nothing else than fair to keep people informed about all the good stuff going on in your space. It’s important to notify and get consent from your landlord to sublet a spot. You’ll have to do this before we can list. Additionally it’s your responsibility to ensure that the space can be used for the intentional use.

  • Share spot - marking your spot(s)

    In your starter kit you will receive the following: Spotly tape to frame up your spot- makes it easier for everyone to visualize the spot you are sharing. Spot inside sign to put on your door to communicate all the good things happening inside your space to your outside world.

  • Share spot - what facilities should I include?

    What would you like to include and what makes sense for you? It’s your space. Maybe you will take delivery of packages, provide coffee, or even help sell products? Social media sharing is good for everyone. All facilities should be reflected in your price- evaluate what your time spend will be. Stay creative - We’ll help you to navigate.

  • Rent spot - how can I discover and book a spot to pop up on?

    First thing to ask yourself: Where do you want to be spotted, in combination with what and at what budget? Check our listings and book a spot through How, and if you did not find the perfect spot, we’ll help you search for one.

  • Rent spot - what is included in the price?

    Spot rent and all facilities that the host makes available plus our fee. Note that all prices are ex. VAT.

  • Rental periods

    Could be anything with a maximum duration of 3 months. As both host and renter, ask yourself what makes sense. As a renter, a one day pop up might be great for an event but if you want to display yourself and make sure to get noticed a monthly duration is more viable. As a host, think about the preparation and administration needed on your hand.

  • Pricing

    We’ll only provide guidance on pricing. In the end it is the host’s decision to set price rates based on their cost levels and facilities offered.

  • Payment

    You will receive an invoice that is due to be paid the latest 3 days prior to your pop up.

  • Cancellation

    As pop up’s are foreseeable activities that can be planned well in time (unless there is an urgent space need), we apply a strict cancellation policy. For both hosts and renters the following applies:Cancellation 30 days or less prior to pop up: 50 % fee to either host or renter. Cancellation 10 days or less prior to pop up: 100 % fee to either host or renter.

  • I’m launching a new business or idea. How can you help?

    We’re here to spin ideas with you on how you can get the most out of your plans with physical presence at a spot. Get in touch and we will see what we can do!

  • I’m looking for a another type of spot or a spot in another area/country. How can you help?

    We’re open for launching your ideas internationally with you. As long at is related to using spots of course. Get in touch and we will see what we can do!

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