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We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked question below.

General questions

What is a showroom spot?
What is a space?
What is a pop up?
How does it work?

Mostly for hosts

Why should I request to list my spot on Spotly?
How do I know whether my space is suited as a showroom?
Request to list space
Request to list spot
Which amenities should I include?
Booking requests
Rental periods
Why do I need to request to list my spot(s)?
You need to get consent from your landlord
I have many spaces and big ideas. How can you help?
Can I rent my space out outside of Spotly?
The pop-up I hosted did not live up to my expectations

Mostly for renters

Discover spots
How do I rent a spot?
Rental periods
What is included in the rent?
The host declined my booking request
The spot I rented or the host did not live up to my expectations
I’m launching a new business or idea. How can you help?
Still need help?
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