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Curate content and experiences to your space from interesting Scandinavian brands & creatives while getting an extra income. It's co-sharing and co-branding.
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

Currently welcoming hosts in Denmark. Norway coming soon! Join us now

  • List your showroom spot(s) for free

    Everyone has 1m2 to share! List anything from a window, a shelf, some extra floor space on the weekends or an empty space.
  • Stay or become relevant with new stories

    Add to your story and show your audience new products or experiences. And of course, the extra income is a plus too.
  • Co-sharing showrooms made easy

    Choose between booking requests from brands & creatives. We handle the contracts and payment.

Join our community of hosts, brands & creatives

Join Spotly for free and request to list your spot(s). We currently provide free space photography for those who list their spot(s) before November 30th 2020*

*Only available in Copenhagen & Aarhus. Special terms apply.

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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

List different types of spots

Small spots

Share a spot in open spaces like stores


List your restaurant or gallery and make it available as a showroom

Entire space

Share your entire space for the weekend or more
Photo: Rune Svenningsen

"Spotly is the starting point for a contemporary way to experience culture mixed with retail. Co-sharing is beneficial for both parties, as it empowers both host and creative. Therefore I had no doubt that we wanted to share a spot in our store"

- Line Rasmussen, Manager Lolly's Laundry, Aarhus

Curate new experiences, products, design or art to your space while getting paid

  • Share an entire space or a part of one. You decide what to host, what is included and the timeline for it
  • Explore co-branding while expanding your audience
  • Share new stories while getting an extra income
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Illustration: Emma Emilie Christensen

Need help to list multiple spots? Or help to curate brands & creatives to your space?

Explore our Spotly Curated concepts and services for real estate owners, managers or chains.
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Photo: Rune Svenningsen

"The demand for square meters has changed. And square meters are costly. If we can unite more people, products and experiences on the same floor space, everyone can benefit"

- Martine Moflag, Spotly Founder

Do you have questions or want to know more about your hosting opportunities?

Book a call with Martine.

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