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List a spot

Spots live in spaces. A space is a business premise with a lot of potential spots, like a store, a restaurant, or an event space. A spot is the particular area within the space that can be rented, like a window, a shelf, or an entire space.

1. First create your space

If it's your first time here start by creating the space your spots are in. You’ll need images and some basic infomation about the space like address, amenities and descriptions.

2. Then create spots in your space

When you have your space created, start listing the specific spots in your space that you want to rent out. You'll need images and some basic information about the spot like size, description and pricing. If you are renting out a partial spot, remember you need to mark it up with duct tape and upload a photo that clearly shows the marking.

Create space

A space is a business premise that can be used as a showroom. It's anything from a store to a restaurant or an event space.

Create spot

This is the specific area in your space that you make available to rent. It's anything from an entire space to a shelf, rack, or window.

Open your space to new ideas

List your spot for free

It’s free to list a spot. We only take a 20% commision when a spot is booked.


We’ll handle the legal agreements and transactions, so you don’t have to.

Connect to brands

You decide who pops up in your spot, for how long and at what price.

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