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Everyone has 1 m2 to share

The culture, art, retail and real estate industries are going through some serious hardship. And we know that many of you feel the pain of loss in income while sitting on expensive square meters. Do you have 1m2 to spare? Rent it out & get extra income while supporting the creative community.

The culture, art, retail and real estate industries are going through some serious hardship. We are still on a coronacoaster, seen in the light of the past week’s new restrictions. Small business owners, and those doing events to make a living, feel that ache especially well. The year end-season - the biggest moneymaker for many - is at the door, but it got a bad haircut.

The pandemic came, and boom, things will likely never be the same. The crisis has accelerated trends, but also creativity and our caring for others. We need to do something different. It’s not just a mission statement, it's a call to action.

The future belongs to people and businesses that have a collective mentality, sustainability as an embedded part of their values, and those who interact with their local community. If we take ownership of the present with this in mind, we can do good. The sharing economy is the future and it can unite us in this difficult time.

Since I founded Spotly, I’ve had a vision of giving those that have already invested in a physical space, more freedom, more content, more stories to tell while getting a helping hand with the rent. I have had a dream of bringing the creatives back to the city again by using space more consciously.

That we “re-commerce” square meters and share them with others. It fuels opportunities for up-n-coming artists and designers to afford prime downtown locations while giving them the benefit of an established community where they can pop their ideas.

Spotly unites the needs of the industries that I have described above, in a new meaningful way - through spots. We can generate new concepts, formats and ways to experience things. The platform is born to make it easy. An art exhibition in the supermarket? A table for a start-up in your concept store? Renting out half your space to make ends meet in these challenging times?

So, here is my appeal to you: Share more space – and share it better! Everyone has 1m2.

Whether you own a small vintage store or a café in Copenhagen, a retail chain in Norway, a hotel or several spaces - share. Your window, wall or empty space have value to others! If you don’t have enough space - make room. It can generate value for you too. It does not cost you anything.

Square meters are costly and it’s bloody though to make a living on them! What will you share? Give me a call if you are in doubt. Everyone has 1m2 to share.

It’s co-sharing, co-branding and co-creation.

Best, Martine

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