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Pop-up exhibitions: Your format, your rules.

A conversation with DJ & Photographer Christopher ‘Flip’ Egeberg

Playing with the unexpected

Christopher Egeberg, or as he is known by most “Flip”, is a Danish DJ who can now add professional photographer to his CV.

Flip has always been travelling around the globe DJ’ing at parties and fashion shows in Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, you name it. When travelling as a DJ, Flip is constantly observing and integrating new sounds into his work. So, transitioning into photography came quite natural to him; he just had to do the same thing with his eyes using the camera he was already bringing with him. And, just like playing a gig, he is also presenting his photography work as short-term and hyped events. We asked him how and why he uses these temporary pop-ups as his preferred exhibition format:

“I believe in walking through the open doors life offers you. It was a large company whom in the first place encouraged me to do an exhibition - that worked out really well so now I constantly look for new ways to display my work. I don’t necessarily want my exhibitions to be on display for too long of a period - rather quick and impulsive.”

Christopher “Flip” Egeberg in his exhibitions space curated by Spotly in downtown Copenhagen. The exhibition featured his colorful large scale photos from North Korea in an otherwise empty shop.

The temporary format also allows you to think outside the galleries and usual institutions customers normally expect from an artist - and, it gives you the benefit of more creative and financial control:

I like to be able to control the rooms in which I do my exhibitions - to create something fresh and unique. So you, as a visitor, don’t feel like you’ve experienced the environment or locations like that before.

- Christopher “Flip” Egeberg

Meeting your audience IRL

Flip has an impressive following on social media but even though SoMe can help you reach a greater audience, experiencing the work in real life lets you, as a creator, present the work in the right context:

“My images and work is normally displayed to my audience on Instagram or computer screens - seeing my pictures in large scale and allowing me to tell the stories behind and my feelings about them makes them come to life on a whole new level. Of course I can’t invite everyone to my showroom, so this is a new way for me to try and get people to experience the stories which I’m trying to tell.”

Flip also uses the more event-based format to create a hype around the event you otherwise wouldn’t be able to create on a long term basis. Above is Sarah Gründewald, while other known Danish figures like Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and Szhirley have also been dropping by the exhibition weekend.

Flip cleverly uses the physical pop-up combined with digital media to get the most out of his exhibitions - and of course, you are able to buy prints of the original work online in the after-burn of the exhibition hype.

The pop-up also has another more creative benefit; it allows the context to shift and challenge the work, the audience, as well as the man behind the work:

For me, the biggest achievement is every morning when I walk through the space and see how I’m able to transform a room through my vision. I know that if I’m satisfied with the vision others will enjoy it too.

I’m used to seeing my pictures on small screens or in my showroom - taking it to a new space creates a totally new experience and meaning for the work.

- Christopher “Flip” Egeberg
From Flip’s pop-up photography exhibition “7 Hours From Pyongyang” in Klosterstræde, Copenhagen, May 2019.

Location and vision: Find the perfect match

When finding your perfect pop-up spot, Flip reminds us that location is of course important, but as a pop-upper it is all about your vision. Throwing the gallery rulebook out the window to showcase your work in new formats, gives you the novelty to drive a greater audience, but it also demands a strong creative direction:

“First of all, location is important - but secondly, you need to be able to close your eyes and in some ways envision your pictures on the walls and what you want to do with the space.”

In short, get inspired by the space and remember it is your work which needs to be presented in the best way possible. So, any other last advice for future format-(de)constructing photography pop-uppers, Flip?

“Find the right room(s) and don’t put much stuff in it. Less is very much more if you want your work to shine!”

There you go. We look forward to explore and provide new and exciting spaces for Flip’s next exhibition. To see more of his work visit his website

We, at Spotly, are always looking for the next pop-up adventure. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout out if you have something in the works. Wherever you might be on your brand’s pop-up journey - we are here to help! Reach out at

Christopher 'Flip' Egebjerg
207 m2 showroom
May 2019
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